Retirement Beginnings

Thursday was a busy day. I worked in MOPS and then went to my husband’s workplace. Why??? For his retirement party. It was a long day for me. He had a few things to finish up before we could leave.

Retiring Soon & Money

Have you ever run short on money? And had to wait for things that you wanted or needed? Recently, my husband & I did just that. I started the ball rolling in the wrong direction when I went to Costco

When Life Isn’t Balanced

I had a hard afternoon yesterday. I like to watch Dr Phil and do this fairly regularly. The show yesterday set me off with anxiety. I wasn’t able to figure out what was impacting me. I took my anxiety med

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I have a brand new site. We have a future to look forward to. Why? We are heading into the retirement phase of our life together. I have been a homemaker most of our marriage and my husband provided for