We began our trip… We arrived at our son’s house. One child was sick. This isn’t the same sickness as what was going around at Christmas. Our daughter-in-law caught it too and we stayed to help out. We’ve worked on the organization in our trailer over a couple of days. And hubby has found some things that need to be fixed. It’s been nice to relax some here without feeling tied to so many chores. We’ve had a chance to play games with the kids and just enjoy them.

And another one bit the dust.

I got sick just a few days before we left. My hubby wanted me to go to the doctor. So he took me into urgent care. Turns out I have Influenza A. It took awhile to get the trailer out of the ice. The trailer power cord was even stuck in the ice. When we got home, we discovered our cat had shown his anger at us being gone so soon again, on hubby’s side of the bed. So… Both the cat and hubby are mad at each other. And since I’m still sick and don’t have much energy, he has had to do the laundry.

I think that the next attempt to get on our retirement trip will go better. I suggested that we make a way for the cat to get outdoors this time. Hopefully, he will be more content if he can go outside. We are waiting for me to feel better to get going. And since I had an orthopedic appointment this week, we will get that taken care of. I’ve been having a lot of pain in my hip. He had wanted to head south from Ritzville, WA. I told him that if we’re going clear back to Washington, I might as well see if I can get an injection for my hip. All the traveling we have been and will be doing makes my bursitis flare up. I’m ready for warm weather and fun.

We have had so many things to work through since he retired. At times we’ve had a hard time understanding what the other person is trying to communicate. And that’s ok. It’s a chance to grow and love each other more deeply.



Retirement Trip Still in the Works
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