Home Alone

I truly am home alone a lot. It leaves me lonely quite often. And sometimes it is too much for me. And yet, going out is hard too. I’m a true introvert. Hubby isn’t. Guess that makes us the perfect

What Do I Deserve?

“You deserve.” I’m hearing it a lot lately. I don’t like the phrase. Frankly, it has been getting on my nerves. Why do I deserve? What do I deserve? Who do I deserve? When do I deserve? Where do I

Prejudice? Or Not? My View On Race

Sometimes things in life are not what others looking in, see. This is something that I’ve wanted to write for a long time. But, I’ve been afraid to write it. I feel that I’ll be judged or rejected. Which is

Who Do You Look To?

I’m going to say right up front that I’m not much of a political person. And this post really isn’t about politics. Yes, I vote and I can ask questions from my husband when I don’t understand. So, that being

Being On Overload in Life

Do you ever have days where you’d just like to stay in bed all day? Yep, me too. Yesterday was a really hard day for me. Too many negative things had been coming at me for too long. We’ve been

Retiring Soon & Money

Have you ever run short on money? And had to wait for things that you wanted or needed? Recently, my husband & I did just that. I started the ball rolling in the wrong direction when I went to Costco

My Amazing Sister!!

About a year ago, my sister, Jennifer was diagnosed with colon cancer. I immediately went into “fear” mode. And there is a reason I felt fear. I’m the oldest and she is the youngest. There was a sister in the


Lately, I’ve been struggling with my morning routine. I want to read my Bible first thing in the morning. But the pets require my attention. I’ve learned that I have to feed them and then be immediately available if I

The Rewards of Teaching

Awhile back, I was able to have our oldest granddaughter in our home to homeschool her. We worked hard on phonograms. I texted mama a few days ago to ask how she was doing with her reading. The word was

What It Takes (Marriage)

Well… We usually get along pretty well in our marriage. But, today we were butting heads. The tension was high as we bickered back and forth. We were gone all day yesterday and I know that I am still tired.