It’s THAT time of year!! I usually go into Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) in the fall. So, I am at that point. This year has already been VERY busy as I head into Christmas. I shopped online for thing for the grandkids. I’ve been to Spokane a number of times. And will go again next week.

I’ve been getting a massage weekly to help with pain. It has helped quite a bit. While I’m in Spokane, I’ve been taking care of some of the shopping for Christmas. I’m buying food that will be easy to use in stews, soups, or whatever. Yesterday, I peeled a lot of carrots. I’ll cut them up and my husband will freeze them.

We have the whole family together this year and my preference is that we can just throw things into a crockpot and enjoy our days with family. Playing games, watching all the grandkids together, snuggles, playing with the grandkids.

We have some HUGE changes coming up. Before Christmas, my husband will retire. This will change our lifestyle and we will go into the mode of who does what. Yes, I expect that that will change some. We have already had conversations about this. After being with the family, he really wants to go south and go to Disneyland. Of course, this sounds terrible to me. Just kidding. It will be fun to explore as long as we want, alone. While it’s fun to take kids there, it’s also a lot of work. I do have to say that when we took our kids as teens, they were great. They’d run ahead and get all the FastPass tickets.

We’ve been to Disney one time without kids. But on that trip, we were committed (like that was a bad thing) to going on a cruise.

As I’m trying to prepare, it is on my mind that we will get tired. We’ve tried to prepare for that. We have already taken our trailer over the mountain passes and parked it on our son’s property. Well, their neighbor lets us be on his property too.

Our daughter and her family will come to our son’s house. Unfortunately, her husband will have to go back home on Dec. 26th. She will stay with the kids and we’ll take her and their kids home. We will probably stay at her house for a few days to rest. Then, we will be free to do whatever we want to. It’ll be nice to not have as many commitments as we do now.

It has seemed so long for retirement to arrive. And now we are almost there. I’m so excited!

Our Christmas Season
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