Retiring has been so much more than we had anticipated. It’s wonderful to have my husband home. And yet, there are times that we aren’t understanding each other. I’m finding that as we try to understand each other, we need to practice. We had anticipated being able to get out of the house in just a few days after our Christmas trip. We’ve been home for 12 days now. Why? So long you might wonder? And, I’ve wondered too. And been discouraged.

Why has it taken so long to leave? There have been multiple things that have held us up. Getting a 90 day supply of our medications is one. We thought we were done with that when I got a call from the nurse. My cholesterol is very high. I needed to get medication for this. And, I had forgotten to call the nurse for a medication for my poor bone density. Now, I understand why I break bones so badly.

Randy has had a lot more paperwork to do than he had thought he’d have after he retired. He had done quite a bit before he retired. It turned out that there was a lot more than he knew about.

Then, we needed to go to our credit unions to make sure that money was going to flow as we needed it to. We have a couple of loans to get paid off. This took a number of hours yesterday.

He has loaded some things into the truck and I have too. At this point, I need to be careful with my body. It’s a very fine balance for me day by day. I just need to pay attention. He will finish the loading.

Another thing that held us back today, was our chickens. Randy went out to clean the pen before we left and discovered mold. I’m allergic to mold and couldn’t help him. Everything is fine for the chickens now. But, they decided to learn another new trick. Awhile back, they were going up onto the roof of the chicken pen. We went through a time period of having to retrain the chickens to sleep in the coop. Today, they decided to leave their pen. Two of them were out in the yard and not where they are safer. We don’t know how this will play out while we’re gone.

So, we are still home. 12 days later. We should be able to get out the door tomorrow. I can’t wait to get going on this adventure!!

More Involved in Retirement Than Anticipated

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