I truly am home alone a lot. It leaves me lonely quite often. And sometimes it is too much for me. And yet, going out is hard too. I’m a true introvert. Hubby isn’t. Guess that makes us the perfect match! But, this isn’t really what I desire to write about today.

This Thanksgiving weekend has been one of the few (maybe our first) Thanksgiving holiday(s) alone. It’s a bit difficult to remember all 36 years of our marriage. And… It has been wonderful.

Randy’s last day of work will be December 15th. It’s coming up upon us!! I decided to take the approach of trying to go about the long weekend as if we were already retired. And some of the things I attempted worked out well. Others didn’t. Such as my attempt to get the living room cleaned up. It’s been slower than I had hoped.

Now, I’m more excited for him to be home all the time. I know us enough to know that we will have times of struggling to communicate. As we’ve been looking at how to live in retirement, our communication has improved. It’s funny how working on planning together has helped.

Our weekend was different than I had expected. On Thanksgiving, he stayed in bed until I woke up. Usually, he can’t because his back hurts. And it didn’t and I thought he was just so sweet. And we got to start our day together. This is something that we’ve discussed a lot. He likes his time alone in the morning (a lot of time). I know that we will figure this out after he’s home all the time.

It’s been a quiet weekend. A weekend of working on the house. Randy is working outside right now. I’ve worked on going through papers that are cluttering the living room. We’ve watched some of our favorite shows.

Most of our Thanksgiving has been busy. Kids home. Some with grandkids. Going out of town. And when our kids were home, we had a tradition of playing video games together. Definitely not a quiet activity. As I watched TV and saw all the traffic being reported, I was VERY thankful to just be home. I’m thinking that we might just have to dedicate a little time to play video games together.

I have really enjoyed a long weekend, “Home Alone.”

Home Alone
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