Welcome to Living Mercy Grace – One Woman’s Journey

What is living mercy grace about? What does it even mean? I have come to a point in my life where it makes sense to me. It’s been a long hard journey to grow into this. I grew up in a legalistic home and church. My husband did too; we were a pair! Then we had babies. I knew that I wanted to do things differently than how I was raised. So, I thought about what changes I wanted to make.

Things didn’t always go the way I had envisioned, but that is how life goes. I learned how to adapt as I went along. This is something that I still do to this day. But now, it is more related to growing older and having been injured. I can’t complain though, some of the things that have happened have changed our marriage. It has improved a lot.

So… What does living mercy grace mean to me? It is living in a manner of extending what I want for myself. Now, that sounds like I treat others how I want to be treated. (The Golden Rule) But, what I really try to do now (imperfectly), is to show mercy to those who need it. I don’t want to enable people, but there are ways to be compassionate and help without enabling. What about grace? I choose to forgive and not hold grudges. I do have trigger points and my husband is good at helping me through those when they pop up.

Some very hard times have worked for me to increase my patience level. I can look back and be very thankful for what has been hard in life.

I’d love to have you join me on the journey to live mercy grace.

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