Thursday was a busy day. I worked in MOPS and then went to my husband’s workplace. Why??? For his retirement party. It was a long day for me. He had a few things to finish up before we could leave. We actually left about the time that he usually left work. We had a relaxing evening and he is still exclaiming that he’s glad to not have to go back to work. Of course, it hasn’t even been a whole 2 days that he’s been home yet. I imagine he’ll feel a bit strange when Monday rolls around.

We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. And as the actual day was approaching, we did a lot of talking. How much time does he need alone in the morning? That we can go to bed later. We love to go relax in bed and watch some of our favorite shows. Last night, he was still in the phase of falling asleep during the show. He has been used to getting up at 4:30. And he is getting up later.

The time that we waited for retirement seemed so long. And now, here we are. What have we done to prepare? We have started talking about and changing how much we spend. Communication has been very important as we have worked to understand what we do or don’t need. Or how important something we want might be to the other person. We have talked about some things that need to be done around the house. We hope to get a few things done before we leave for Christmas. And prepping food is a big one. I’d like to have food prepped so we can easily make the meals we will be providing. We will have the whole family together this year. I feel so blessed that we can do this.

Yesterday, our first full day of retirement together was pretty busy. I had an annual physical with our doctor. He went with me and was able to give input into what he has seen in me. We were there a long time. We talked about things that we need to change our lives. The doctor talked to us about healthy eating. Quite a bit about how food changes when it is blended. We have been using a Vitamix to make drinks. Mostly me. I had visions of bottling and freezing drinks. It turns out that that is not a good idea. As soon as the fruit or vegetable is blended and is exposed to the atmosphere, the nutrients begin breaking down. We are rethinking the plan.

The doctor wanted me to get a bone density scan. So we went to see if I could just walk in. This worked out well for us. After that, we got some lunch. We came home and I mostly relaxed. The knee I broke a few years back was hurting from the positions she put it in. It feels better today.

I have spent this year working on catching up on medical appointments. I had exceeded the maximum out of pocket with our insurance quite awhile ago for this year. Yes, I’m expensive. Yesterday’s appointment was one I had avoided for a long time. I have one more this next week. I need to go back to the orthopedic surgeon. This is a 3-hour drive each way. So it will be a hard day. And we leave for Christmas the next day. So we will need to get a lot done in the next few days.

We both got up today when we felt ready to. We talked a little bit about what to do today. There is a lot that we need to do. We decided to begin our, “exercise program.” We have a treadmill and a recumbent bike in our bedroom. They’ve been collecting dust for years. We put a show on the TV and got going. The doctor said he wanted me to do 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise each day. I started out with 10 minutes on the bike to warm my knee up. Then I did 15 minutes on the treadmill at a slow pace. Randy got 15 minutes on the bike and his time on the treadmill was with a slight uphill walk. I’m feeling like this is a pretty good start.

After the Christmas festivities are over, we plan to go to Disneyland. Then who knows what we will do. It really is a good feeling to know that we are free to do what we’d like to do. We might travel more. Or we might come back home. And the freedom to know we can choose is amazing. As we work through the communication of what is possible, I expect us to have some discussions that will be a bit hard. We won’t have the finances that we have had. But the dreaming about and the talking about will bring us to a point that I know we will enjoy. And yes, there will be other things that we have to wait for. And some that we are waiting for. For example, we’d like to move closer to the kids. We want to be active grandparents in the lives of our grandchildren. What a blessing that is coming our way.

I haven’t been able to hide gifts from my husband. I knew it was pretty impossible. I got him a smoker for Christmas. I’ve encouraged him to get it ready for Christmas. I’m thinking a meal of ribs would be fun.

Retirement Beginnings
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