Retirement Trip Still in the Works

We began our trip… We arrived at our son’s house. One child was sick. This isn’t the same sickness as what was going around at Christmas. Our daughter-in-law caught it too and we stayed to help out. We’ve worked on

More Involved in Retirement Than Anticipated

Retiring has been so much more than we had anticipated. It’s wonderful to have my husband home. And yet, there are times that we aren’t understanding each other. I’m finding that as we try to understand each other, we need

Where Do We Go From Here?

We were gone for 18 days for a Christmas trip. We’ve been home for 8 days. It’s been a bit crazy as we are preparing to go on our retirement trip. Randy had a bunch of retirement things to finish

When Adoption Fails

When you enter into the world of adoption; it’s a time of excitement and hope. You dream about what the child will be like. How much fun you will have as a family. Exploring the world through that child’s eyes.No

Retirement Beginnings

Thursday was a busy day. I worked in MOPS and then went to my husband’s workplace. Why??? For his retirement party. It was a long day for me. He had a few things to finish up before we could leave.

Retirement Preparation

Months ago, when we first started really communicating about Randy retiring, it seemed so far away. And now, here we are with his last day at work being 5 days away. There have been so many things to consider through

Our Christmas Season

It’s THAT time of year!! I usually go into Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) in the fall. So, I am at that point. This year has already been VERY busy as I head into Christmas. I shopped online for thing for

Home Alone

I truly am home alone a lot. It leaves me lonely quite often. And sometimes it is too much for me. And yet, going out is hard too. I’m a true introvert. Hubby isn’t. Guess that makes us the perfect

What Do I Deserve?

“You deserve.” I’m hearing it a lot lately. I don’t like the phrase. Frankly, it has been getting on my nerves. Why do I deserve? What do I deserve? Who do I deserve? When do I deserve? Where do I

Prejudice? Or Not? My View On Race

Sometimes things in life are not what others looking in, see. This is something that I’ve wanted to write for a long time. But, I’ve been afraid to write it. I feel that I’ll be judged or rejected. Which is